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Apogee Goes Immersive, Announces Free Plug-In

At The NAMM Show, Apogee unveiled new software and also announced an upcoming free plug-in, Soft Limit.

Apogee’s new free plug-in, Soft Limit.

Anaheim, CA (June 8, 2022)—At the NAMM Show this past weekend, Apogee offered educational sessions, percussive live music jams and more, but the big news from the company was new software and the announcement of an upcoming free plug-in.

Immersive Audio was practically all anyone could talk about at NAMM this year, and fittingly, Apogee released Symphony I/O Mk II Thunderbolt Monitor Workflows, featuring Dolby Atmos and Sony 360. With the new software, users can configure and operate a monitoring system for Dolby Atmos, Sony 360 Reality Audio and other immersive audio systems with control of up to 32 Speaker outputs. Users can create up to 16 Monitor Workflows in all popular multichannel configurations; instantly switch between Monitor Workflows from the Apogee Hardware Remote, Symphony Control software, or the front panel touchscreen; and mute, solo, and calibrate up to 16 speaker outputs.

Product of the Week: Apogee Duet 3

Another new software release is Apogee Control for iOS—an iOS app that works with Apogee’s Duet 3. The app allows users to record, mix, and share music, voice-over and streaming projects anywhere with Apogee interfaces, Garageband and iPad Pro. With the app, users can control Symphony ECS Channel Strip from an iOS device, capture  performances on the go in high-quality audio, and dial in input, headphone and speaker levels.

Lastly, the company announced an upcoming free Soft Limit plug-in. Soft Limit has been a feature of Apogee converters since the AD-500, the company’s first standalone A-D converter released in 1991. Now that simple analog tape emulation will be available as an audio plug-in.

The free plug-in will allow users to round an audio signal’s transients, increasing apparent loudness while controlling extraneous digital peaks; add analog tape-like harmonics and warmth; and drive the input knob to conjure crunchy thickness. The plug-in will be released later this month; those interested can register in advance for it.