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JH Audio Sharona IEM Launched

JH Audio has introduced its new flagship in-ear monitor, the Sharona, a 16-driver IEM with four-way crossover.

JH Audio's new flagship Sharona In-Ear Monitor.
JH Audio’s new flagship Sharona In-Ear Monitor.

New York, NY (May 3, 2022)—JH Audio has introduced its new flagship in-ear monitor, the Sharona. Designed as a 16-driver IEM with four-way crossover, the Sharona was developed using new RAU Quad Supertweeter balanced armatures from microacoustics company Knowles Corp.

Equipped with JH Audio’s patented Freqphase Technology and Acoustic Sound Chamber, Sharona sports a proprietary design based around 16 Knowles balanced armatures—four Supertweeters, four woofers, four midranges, and four tweeters.

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The Knowles Supertweeter features a patented coil design with reduced inductance, paired with a specially constructed high-stiffness, low-mass reed. Designed with the aim of providing output and treble frequency extension without requiring an amplifier or transformer, the Supertweeter reportedly produces an extended treble response starting where most balanced armature drivers roll off (12 kHz) and pushes out to 25 kHz, making it appropriate for delivering lossless and high-resolution audio in premium True Wireless Stereo (TWS) earphones.

“We’ve been trying to achieve this frequency response for years; it wasn’t possible until JH Audio partnered with Knowles to develop the new Supertweeter,” says Jerry Harvey, president and founder at JH Audio. “The addition of the Supertweeter delivers expansive stereo imagery full of depth and width while creating more air for high-range reproduction. Sharona is the best IEM I’ve ever designed, and we’re excited for everyone to hear it.”

The JH Audio Sharona starts at $2,299.00.