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Landr AI Mastering Plug-in Debuts

Landr has introduced an AI Mastering Plug-in for DAWs

Landr AI Mastering Plug-In.
Landr AI Mastering Plug-In.

Montreal, Canada (October 18, 2023)—Landr has introduced its new AI Mastering Plug-in for DAW, allowing users to integrate the online service’s methods and results into a typical workflow.

The plug-in is based on a 10-year data set, according to the company, based on its online mastering technology used by more than 5M artists to master more than 25M songs.

Users are provided with three unique masters for each song finalized through the Landr Mastering Plug-in. Finished masters can be released as-is, or revised using the software’s controls. The plug-in uses AI to analyze a track and create personalized mastering that adapts to the unique characteristics of the song. The plug offers real-time processing for on-the-fly adjustments to masters.

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The plug-in sports a sleek interface intended to simplify the mastering process, with controls such as Loudness, Presence, and De-Esser. The software includes a spectral display for visualizing frequency changes; EQ controls to fine-tune the track’s tone; a Dynamics control for compression and saturation; and stereo width control for tailored spatial distribution.

Landr Mastering Plug-in is available now for $299 US.