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oeksound Bloom Tone-Shaping Plug-In Debuts

oeksound’s new Bloom—the company’s first release in four years—is an adaptive tone-shaping plug-in with a straightforward interface.

oeksound Bloom plug-in.
oeksound Bloom plug-in.

Helsinki, Finland (March 13, 2024)—oeksound is revered for its Soothe plug-ins, so today’s release of its new Bloom plug-in—the company’s first release in four years—has been highly anticipated. First previewed at the NAMM Show in January, the adaptive tone-shaping plug-in caused a stir with its straightforward interface that allows users to correct perceived tonal balances to fix and creatively sculpt a track’s sound.

Bloom analyzes the character of a signal and applies corrections, letting the user shape the tone and character of a track in a variety of ways, such as adding warmth, brightness or clarity, all while retaining the material’s natural sound. The interface, while designed to resemble an EQ or multiband compressor, doesn’t actually use frequency bands or crossovers, instead making its continual adjustments based on the input signal. Rather than provide a static filter, Bloom calibrates boosts and cuts in real-time to match the actual need at that moment.

oeksound says Bloom is the most complex processor it has built to date, following two years of development, refinement and real-world beta testing. Along the way, it discovered Bloom could be used not only for tone shaping but also as a bus processor—working on groups and in mastering contexts—as well as evening out inconsistencies in a sound.

Four tone controls let the user quickly adjust the processing to taste. An additional squash range engages a form of frequency-dependent compression. Other features include attack and release controls, mid/side functionality, and low latency mode.

Bloom is available in VST3, AU, and AAX formats for $209. A 20-day trial is available.