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On-Stage Unveils HH7000 Headphone Stand

On-Stage has released the HH7000 headphones stand, which allows users to safely store headphones near a mixing desk.

Berlin, CT (February 28, 2022)—You spent good money on those studio headphones, and yet they’re always either perched precariously within arm’s reach…or they just crashed to the floor. Recognizing a problem when they see one, On-Stage has released the HH7000 stand, which allows users to safely store headphones on a mixing desk while making the ’phones accessible at all times.

“Instead of tossing your headphones on their worksurface, the HH7000 allows audio engineers and musicians to hang their headphones on a study stand to prevent falls, bumps and scratches while protecting the delicate components,” said Christopher Roberts, On-Stage product line manager. “The sleek design of the stand also adds a modern aesthetic to the engineer’s workspace.”

The weighted, one-piece-construction stand keeps headphones in a safe place and features a lower tray which stores small items, such as guitar picks and earbuds.

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Boasting a small footprint, the stand features a curved upper rest which maintains the contour of the headphones’ headband. The vertical arrangement holds headphones upright, preventing stress to the ear cups and mics.

The silver-colored HH7000 headphone stand is made from cast aluminum material, and has a height of 11.5 inches, ensuring that most headphones can rest cleanly on it. The unit’s thickness is 4 mm and the base measures 5.8 inches square.