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Six New Presets Enter Clearmountain’s Domain—For Free!

Apogee releases a range of tones and effects from the legendary engineer’s actual mixes.

Santa Monica, Calif.—Apogee Electronics has released a set of six new presets created alongside legendary producer/mixing engineer Bob Clearmountain, as part of the growing Clearmountain’s Domain offerings. And they’re free!.

These presets contain a treasure trove of inspiring and meticulously crafted effects, capturing the essence of Clearmountain’s mixing mastery and offering a wide range of tonal options, including octave-shifted guitars, atmospheric pads, unique vocal effects and lush delays with reverb.

The new presets include:

  • Big Bottom Gtr: Craft massive, octave-shifted guitar tones with pulsing delays for an in-your-face sound.
  • Detuned Cave: Conjure up haunting atmospheres with a dark, detuned delay drenched in reverb.
  • Pitch Stereo Widener: Effortlessly widen your tracks with a classic pitch shift and delay combo.
  • Slight Pitched Eighth Note: Create a lush, spacious soundscape with cascading, detuned delays.
  • Spinal Tap Octaves: Unleash a swirling, octave-shifted madness reminiscent of that iconic solo!
  • Spooky Vocal Reverb: Add a chilling, otherworldly quality to your vocals with eerie delays and reverb.
  • Stairway Octaves: Build a sense of ascent with cascading, octave-shifted delays.
  • Stereo Analog Delay: Get that warm, vintage analog delay sound with a touch of stereo width and pitch-shifting magic.

About Clearmountain’s Domain:

Clearmountain’s Domain, a multi-effects plugin that reproduces legendary mixer, Bob Clearmountain’s personalized FX signal chain. The plug-in simplifies Clearmountain’s sophisticated and creative hardware routing, making it easier to emulate the cohesive spaces, expansive dimensions, and rich atmospheres his most celebrated mixes are known for.