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Waves V15 Launches

Waves Audio has debuted the latest edition of its plug-ins, Waves V15, making use of AI, adding new features, augmenting bundles and more.

waves v15

Knoxville, TN (June 24, 2024)—Waves Audio has debuted the latest edition of its plug-ins, Waves V15, making use of AI, adding new features such as new MIDI mapping, a new parameter locking feature, and more. It also adds numerous plug-ins to various bundles, and sees the release of a new and improved version of StudioVerse.

The new StudioVerse, Waves’ online preset library of audio and instrument chains, adds instrument chains to StudioVerse via the new plug-in, StudioVerse Instruments, allowing users to play, browse and audition thousands of custom-designed instrument presets. Meanwhile, the new StudioVerse Audio Effects plug-in (a renamed, redesigned and enhanced version of Waves StudioRack) provides more functionality via an upgraded UI and improved features that are integrated within a users’ DAW. (StudioVerse Audio Effects is 100% backward-compatible with older StudioRack presets and sessions.)

V15 also adds new MIDI mapping capabilities to almost all Waves plug-ins, allowing one to map, save, and recall multiple MIDI controller settings for each so that users can alternate between different controllers more quickly.

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More than 60 Waves plug-ins now have parameter locking, aiding comparison between presets; a Lock feature lets users scroll through presets without the need to rebalance Input or Dry/Wet knobs.

There’s a number of additions to specific plug-ins as well, such as a new sidechain filter in the SSL G-Master Bus Compressor, and a new Dual mode for the H-Delay plug-in. V15 also includes higher-resolution HiDPI GUI updates on various plug-ins, as well as core stability improvements.

Multiple plug-ins added to key Waves bundles: By updating to V15, users will have access to several recently released plug-ins added to Waves’ Mercury, Horizon, Diamond, Platinum and Gold bundles, significantly increasing their music production and mixing power.

Updating to V15 ensures that Waves plug-ins users are compatible with the latest DAW and OS requirements. Subscribers to Waves Creative Access plug-in subscriptions receive all V15 updates at no additional cost. Owners of perpetual licenses need an active Waves Update Plan for their plug-ins or bundles in order to update.