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Odds On Recording Sponsors 2006 Amplify Independent Music Contest

Odds On Recording, a state-of-the art recording and CD/DVD manufacturing facility in Henderson, Nev., served as a sponsor of the 2006 Amplify Independent Music Competition and Festival held in downtown Las Vegas and awarded prizes to the festival’s top four artists.

The competition’s first and second place finishers, Black Market (pictured) and Verbal Ase, received 1,000 custom-replicated CDs from Odds On Recording. Third and fourth place finishers Magna-Fi and Fletch were awarded 500 custom-replicated CDs.

“We are happy that we were able to show support for these fine, talented groups and provide several of the bands with the necessary tools for building exposure within the music industry,” says Odds On Recording president Tom Parham.

“We appreciate Odds On Recording sponsoring this year’s festival,” says Amplify founder and event organizer, Tim Driver. “The replication services Odds On Recording is providing these talented bands are top notch and will be instrumental in expanding their reach within the music world.”

The Amplify Independent Music Competition and Festival provides a venue in which undiscovered bands can showcase their talents within the music industry. During the course of three days, more than 100 bands perform and vie for more than $25,000 in cash and prizes.

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