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Peavey Introduces Kosmos V2 Processor

Peavey introduces the single-rackspace Kosmos V2, a subharmonic and stereo image enhancement system that combines the most popular features from the Peavey Kosmos Pro and original Kosmos processors. Kosmos offers a dynamic phasing technology that manipulates low and high frequencies to deepen bass and widen highs through phasing rather than equalization, and helps mask the comb-filtering problems common in live sound productions.

The Kosmos V2 features front-panel rotary controls for adjusting the parameters and levels of Kosmos processing. Subharmonics has a special Low Damping button that adjusts the “tightness” of the low bass. The Cut Sub From Mains switch directs the low-frequency energy to the subwoofers only. Subwoofer control sets the level of sub in the mix and features a Crossover Disable switch. Low Freq and High Freq adjust their respective frequency ranges.

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