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Product of the Week: 64 Audio N8 Custom In-Ear Monitor

Developed in collaboration with GRAMMY-nominated bassist Nathan East, the N8 (pronounced “Nate”) from 64 Audio is a custom-fit IEM intended for musicians and audiophiles who desire accurate reproduction with significant headroom in the lower regions of the audio band.

Each N8 earpiece utilizes eight balanced armature drivers for the mid and high frequencies, and one 9mm dynamic driver for low-end reproduction, resulting in a frequency response spanning 10 Hz to 20 kHz, and a sensitivity of 105 dB/mW. Impedance is stated as 6Ω at 1 kHz, and isolation is 15 dB using 64 Audio m15 apex modules or 20 dB using m20 apex modules (both included). The N8 may be ordered with a 48-inch or 64-inch detachable cable.

N8 incorporates several of 64 Audio’s proprietary IEM developments including tia (Tubeless In-ear Audio) technology, which is designed to produce a smooth frequency response free from the resonances associated with conventional tubes and dampers.

apex (Air Pressure Exchange) is 64 Audio’s pneumatically interactive vent that releases the air pressure that builds up in a sealed ear canal, alleviating listening fatigue while improving the soundstage.

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3D-Fit technology employs a new process for creating molds via digital rendering and 3D printing, ensuring a precise and comfortable fit when compared to wax-dip molds.

64 Audio’s Linear Impedance Design (LID) provides consistent sonic performance regardless of what device is driving the N8s.

N8 ships in a protective case that houses the earpieces, a dehumidifier, cleaning tool, detachable cable, apex m15 and m20 isolation modules, and a shirt clip. The N8 is handmade from the user’s ear impression, and MSRP is $1,699 per set.

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