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Product of the Week: Arturia 3 Delays You’ll Actually Use

When it comes to Arturia software effects, good things seem to come in threes. Following on its previous bundles, 3 Preamps You’ll Actually Use, 3 Compressors You’ll Actually Use and 3 Filters You’ll Actually Use, the company recently released 3 Delays You’ll Actually Use ($199). Each of the plug-ins in it provides a distinctive type of delay with lots of parameter control.

Delay Tape-201 is modeled after a Roland RE-201 Space Echo. It features a similar control set, including a Mode Selector that’s virtually identical to the one in the RE-201. The GUI replicates most of the original controls, and you can also open an Advanced Panel at the bottom that includes an Input Equalizer, along with Motor Inertia, Flutter, Noise and LFO controls.

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Delay Memory Brigade is a bucket brigade–style processor that appears to be modeled on the original Electro-Harmonix Deluxe Memory Man from 1980, an early analog delay pedal. The plug-in offers a similar control set as the original on its main panel, including the ability to add chorus or vibrato into the delayed signal. Its Advanced Panel adds an Input Equalizer, Envelope Follower and LFO.

The third plug-in, Delay Eternity, is an original Arturia design rather than a vintage-hardware emulation, and it allows you to create a vast range of delay effects. Delays can be filtered, bit-crushed, or modulated by LFOs and an Envelope Follower. You can choose between Single, Dual, Ping Pong, Pan and Dual Serial operating modes.

All the delays in the bundle provide stereo, ping-pong and M/S modes on stereo instantiations. The latter lets you separately control the delay on the mid and side portions of a signal, which, depending on the source, can create some unique effects.

All three plug-ins offer stunning sound quality, and the emulations are convincing. Whether you’re doing music production or sound design, you’re sure to find lots of creative ways to apply these plug-ins.