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Product of the Week: Audix A127 Omnidirectional Microphone

Reference-grade, omnidirectional, condenser microphone incorporates metal film capsule coupled to low-noise, transformerless circuitry to yield excellent clarity, detail and transient response.

Recently unveiled by the folks at Audix, the A127 is a reference-grade omnidirectional condenser microphone designed to accurately capture acoustic instruments and other sound sources.

Developed over a period of several years by the Audix engineering team, the A127 utilizes a pre-polarized Type 1 (IEC 61094-4 compliant) metal film capsule coupled to low-noise, transformerless circuitry built to yield excellent clarity, detail and transient response.

The half-inch capsule features a precision-tensioned, 3-micron metal film diaphragm that is said to deliver consistent and reliable performance under the most demanding conditions. Frequency response is 10 Hz to 20 kHz, and sensitivity is 28 mV/Pa (1 kHz). THD + Noise is stated as .004% at 94 dB SPL and 1.0% at 140 dB SPL.

The A127 is appropriate for ambient recording or for capturing low-level sources due to its low self-noise (7 dB, A-weighted) and wide dynamic range (133 dB). Internal circuitry is constructed to exacting standards, and is coupled to the capsule by a series of driven shields to protect the microphone from external interference and capacitance coupling.

Applications for the A127 include studio recording, live broadcast, sound design, field recording, ambient room recording, and acoustic measurement. It can be used in symphonic recording applications as a spot mic, or for mid-or far-field capture. The omnidirectional pattern enables the A127 to be used for a variety of stereo mic techniques when recording orchestra, string ensembles, guitar, choir and pipe organ.

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The A127 runs on 48VDC phantom power (+/- 4V) and consumes 3 milliamps. Physical measurements are 19 mm (diameter) x 122 mm (length), and the microphone weighs in at 4.34 ounces (123 grams). The A127 is supplied with a heavy-duty nylon snap-on clip, protective zippered carrying case and windscreen. Mechanical components of the gold-plated shield and the corrosion-resistant brass housing are precision-machined by Audix in Wilsonville, Ore.

MAP is $1999. More info here.