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Product of the Week: Nemesis CCS-2 Computer Control Switch

Here’s a great idea that’s long overdue: The CCS-2 from Nemesis is a rackmount device that allows two computer systems to share a keyboard, mouse, monitor and distribution of GPI data and MIDI messages. The CCS-2 connects simultaneously to a main computer and a backup, enabling them to share peripherals for control over both systems simultaneously. In the event that the main computer encounters a problem, a single front-panel button is used to seamlessly switch to the backup system.

Designed specifically for theater and live entertainment where track playback from a computer-based DAW is integral to a production, the CCS-2 can minimize the effects of computer or software failure. Nemesis offers Dante, MADI and ADAT switchers that can work in sync with the CCS-2 to seamlessly switch between redundant audio sources.

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Nemesis Preset Manager software (available for Mac and PC) enables a user to program the CCS-2 and build a backup solution based upon hardware and production needs. The Nemesis CCS-2 can be remote-controlled via closed-contact switch from a control surface, allowing triggering from any console. Rear-panel connections include USB A- and B-type, dual video input, and video output per CPU, four configurable MIDI ports, four GPIO programmable relays, 11 GPI inputs on D-sub and XLR jacks, and a connection for dual-redundant power supplies with input ranging from 115 to 230V. The CCS-2 is Mac- and PC-compatible and is a class-compliant USB MIDI device.

Nemesis offers a companion device, the ACS-1 Auto Switcher, which can be used to automatically control the CCS-2 by detecting the presence of playback signals using either a 1kHz tone or SMPTE time code, and automatically switch to a backup system in case the main system fails.

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