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Product of the Week: Electro-Voice EVOLVE 50M

A new top-of-the-line column P.A. with effects, 16-channel mixer and QuickSmart Link to make it all stereo with a simple Ethernet cable.

Electro-Voice has unveiled the newest member of the EVOLVE line of portable column P.A. loudspeakers, the EVOLVE 50M.

Taking its place as the largest speaker in the EVOLVE series, the EVOLVE 50M employs a 12-inch woofer and eight Neodymium 3.5-inch mid/HF drivers to produce a frequency response of 43 Hz to 20 kHz (-3 dB down). Power for the entire complement of drivers is supplied by an internal Class D amplifier capable of running the EVOLVE 50M to SPLs of 127 dB.

The 3.5-inch drivers used in the EVOLVE 50M are mounted on proprietary waveguides that create a coverage angle of 120 degrees horizontal x 40 degrees vertical (asymmetric). The J-shaped array directs acoustic output to both seated and standing audience members, and is supported atop the woofer module using a custom-designed pole mount that incorporates internal wiring to carry audio connections from the amplifier to the 3.5-inch drivers (with a redundant connection). The pole magnetically latches to the array and the base for secure mounting.

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The enclosure for the 12-inch subwoofer is constructed of 15mm wood and is acoustically tuned using four ports. Built into the woofer module is an 8-channel mixer developed in conjunction with the engineering team at Electro-Voice sibling brand Dynacord. All mixer connections are on the rear of the woofer module and include four Combo mic/line inputs (one of which can be used as a Hi-Z instrument input), a stereo line input (Combo or RCA jacks), a wireless Bluetooth stereo input, and balanced XLR mix and aux send outputs, the latter of which is intended to feed a stage monitor.

Two independent FX sends can be used to add a variety of effects, including chorus, delay, flange and reverb. The mixer can be controlled using the LCD and encoder on the woofer module, or using the Electro-Voice QuickSmart Mobile app, which runs on iOS and Android devices.

A really interesting feature of the EVOLVE 50M is QuickSmart Link, which enables two units to be linked together using an Ethernet cable to form a stereo system with a single 16-channel mixer. When connected via QuickSmart Link, both systems automatically configure to permit use of the inputs to both mixers.

QuickSmart Link syncs control data as well as the stereo mix output between the two EVOLVE 50Ms over the Ethernet cable, and each EVOLVE 50M may be designated as a left, right or mono speaker. When used for applications that require fewer inputs but still require a mixer and stereo output, the EVOLVE 50M can be connected to an EVOLVE 50 via the Mix Out connector.

Assembled, the EVOLVE 50M measures 80.5 x 13.6 x 18.5 inches. Component weights are as follows: sub, 44.66 pounds; full-range column. 10.34 pounds; pole, 2.75 pounds. The EVOLVE 50M is available in white or black with powder-coated steel grilles to protect the drivers from damage. More info here.