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Celestion FTR12-4080DL Driver — A Mix Product of the Week

Just announced by Celestion is the FTR12-4080DL, a 4-ohm version of its 12-inch low-frequency driver, intended for subwoofer applications.

Celestion FTR12-4080DL Low-Frequency Driver

New York, NY (August 3, 2023)—Just announced by Celestion is the FTR12-4080DL, a 4-ohm version of the company’s established 12-inch low-frequency driver designed specifically for subwoofer applications. Capable of producing a frequency range from 20 to 300 Hz, the FTR12-4080DL was optimized for maximum amplifier efficiency in low-end reproduction.

The driver employs a cast aluminum chassis, a ferrite magnet structure and a 4-inch voice coil, enabling it to boast a power rating of 700 watts under AES standard test conditions.

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The long-excursion (13.6 mm) driver is constructed using a weather-resistant, glass-loaded, paper cone and features a half-roll elastomer surround tht improves modal distribution for reduced distortion while maintaining greater stability at the excursion extremes.

The Airflow vented magnet assembly keeps the motor components cool when used in high-power applications, minimizing power compression and ensuring a long life span. Sensitivity is spec’d at 88 dB, measured at 1 watt/1 meter.

The FTR12-4080DL was designed at Celestion headquarters in Ipswich, England, using specialist FEA (Finite Element Analysis) modeling techniques.

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