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Product of the Week: NEXO P15 and L18 Loudspeakers

The two new models round out the P+ Series of compact high-output speakers from NEXO, a series that includes the P8, P10, and P12 full-range, and the L15 subwoofer. 

NEXO has announced two new additions to its P+ Series of point-source loudspeakers: the P15 coaxial loudspeaker, and the L18 compact subwoofer. The two new models round out the P+ Series of compact high-output speakers from NEXO, a Yamaha company. This series already includes the P8, P10, and P12 full-range, and the L15 subwoofer.

NEXO P+ Series P15 coaxial loudspeaker and L18 sub

The P15 Point Source Speaker is a full-range (57 Hz to 20 kHz) speaker utilizing a custom-built driver with a 15-inch Neodymium low-frequency transducer and a 3-inch high-frequency transducer arranged in a coaxial configuration.

The curvilinear cabinet—which measures 23.6 H x 19.0 W x 13.9 D inches—is constructed from birch/poplar plywood and can be deployed vertically or horizontally. The touring version of the P15 features a steel grille that can be removed easily without tools. High-frequency dispersion is set at the factory to 60×60 degrees, but can be changed to 90×40 degrees or 60~100×40 degrees (Asymmetrical) using magnetic, rotatable flanges.

The Touring P15 has top and bottom handles with rigging points, hidden pole mounts, and NL4 connectors, plus dual NL4 connectors on the rear panel. A recessed rear-panel switch enables the P15 to be run in two-way “passive” or two-way “active” modes; the latter increases the maximum SPL from 139 dB to 141 dB.

The Installation version is passive-only and has a cable gland with a two-core cable for audio input while ensuring IP54 protection from the elements when installed outdoors. The P15 has a nominal impedance of 8Ω and weighs in at 51 pounds.

The L18 Compact Horn Loaded Sub is designed to complement P+ Series mains speakers, and has a footprint matching that of the P15. Housing an 18-inch Neodymium long-excursion driver in a horn-loaded birch/poplar plywood cabinet, the L18 has a frequency range of 32 to 120 Hz and can reach maximum SPLs of 140 dB. The driver’s 4.5-inch voice coil permits high power handling capability while maintaining stiffness and high displacement capacity to yield tight low-frequency reproduction.

The L18 can be used in standard and cardioid arrays. Three large handles on each side of the cabinet facilitate positioning, while an M20 pole mount can be used to support a P15. Threaded inserts on the rear and side panels enable the L18 to be flown. Audio input to the L18 is via two rear-panel NL4 connectors, which can be used to daisy-chain additional L18s or feed a P15. The L18 weighs in at 110 pounds.

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The P+ Series can be powered by NEXO NXAMPMk2 series amplifiers (a collaboration between Yamaha & NEXO R&D), which enables the systems to be controlled directly from some of Yamaha’s most popular digital consoles.

Applications for the P15 and L18 include front-fills, side-fills, drum fills, stage wedges (P15 only), club installs, theme park installs and corporate events. Both models are available standard in black and white or may be custom-ordered in RAL colors.

More info on the P15 here, and on the L18 here.