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Product of the Week: RF Venue Spectrum Recorder

Monitoring of wireless microphone, IEM and instrument systems in the 400 to 700 MHz band and saving the data internally as time-stamped CSV files.

Making its debut at InfoComm 2024, the RF Venue Spectrum Recorder is a compact, portable RF spectrum scanner designed to provide easy capture, storage and retrieval of RF spectrum data. 

Spectrum Recorder facilitates monitoring and optimization of wireless microphone, IEM and instrument systems by continuously capturing RF activity in the 400 to 700 MHz band and saving the data internally as time-stamped CSV files, which can be retrieved via USB drive or accessed remotely over a local network. 

Spectrum Recorder features an integrated whip antenna that can be used to survey an event site for wireless activity prior to system deployment, or the unit can connect directly to a wireless microphone antenna system to capture a snapshot of the local RF environment for analysis and logging. 

24 Hour Scan Data Capture mode allows analysis of spectrum activity over a 24-hour period, with Max Hold and Average scan views captured and calculated automatically. Fixed transmitters such as DTV stations can be separated from sources of surprise interference using Active Frequencies Scan, which compiles hard-to-detect frequencies to help protect a wireless system from interference hits.

Data collected by Spectrum Recorder can be uploaded to RF Venue’s (free) web-based Wireless System Builder tool for RF system design and frequency coordination worldwide, or imported natively to third-party wireless management software such as Shure Wireless Workbench, Sennheiser Wireless System Manager or Audio-Technica Wireless Manager. 

Power may be sourced from 5V USB-C or PoE (Power over Ethernet), and a LAN-based network of Spectrum Recorders can be deployed to cover multiple rooms, buildings or studios. 

No additional equipment, software, or subscriptions are required to use Spectrum Recorder. Dimensions are 7 x 2.4 x 3.4 (inches), and weight is 1.48 pounds. 

Spectrum Recorder is available now at a MAP of $799.