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Propellerhead Software Announces Reason Pianos ReFill

Propellerhead Software introduces Reason Pianos ReFill ($129), a piano package for pop and rock styles that will be available on August 15. It comprises three pianos that exploit the Combinator device in Reason Version 3: a Steinway D grand piano, a Yamaha C7 grand piano and a Steinway K upright piano—each selected for its distinctive pop music feel. The collection offers 42 preset patches and 29 “style” patches for layered, processed pianos that mimic many classic sounds.

The three pianos reproduced in the Reason Pianos ReFill were recorded in large rooms with hardwood floors. To capture every aspect of the pianos’ sounds—from resonance in the room to their unique timbres—each was recorded at multiple velocity levels from multiple angles using six different sets of microphones. A large selection of Combinator presets ranging from basic microphone setups to wide multiple-mic patches offer the ability to change the piano, mics and recording setup in the mix.

Each of the four stereo pairs and two separate mono microphones used to record the pianos show up as individual channels in Reason’s mixer. Additionally there are EQ, compression and other effects for the individual mics as well as front-panel controls for hammer noise, presence and release.

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