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Rational Acoustics Purchases Smaart Product Line from EAW

Rational Acoustics LLC founding members toast the purchase of Smaart. From left: Adam Black, Jamie Anderson, Karen Anderson and Calvert Dayton.

Rational Acoustics LLC in Putnam, Conn., has completed its purchase of the Smaart brand product line from Eastern Acoustic Works (EAW).

Concluding a deal that was initiated nine months ago, Rational Acoustics is now the sole owner of the Smaart brand and has title to all names, trademarks, code bases and assets for the complete suite of past, current and future versions of Smaart software.

Rational Acoustics’ Chief Operating Officer Karen Anderson comments, “This is a huge milestone for Rational Acoustics. In just over 18 months we have grown from a tiny start-up company to being the owners of the most powerful and most popular acoustic test and measurement software brand in the industry. It’s the end of one phase of our journey and just the beginning of the next. We are deeply committed to the future of Smaart and are excited to show Smaart users worldwide what we have planned.”

“It’s great to welcome Smaart back home,” adds Rational Acoustics’ Chief Executive Officer Jamie Anderson. “Four of the five people at Rational Acoustics were there in 1999 when Smaart became an EAW product, so it’s only fitting that we’re all here 10 years later, the day it becomes a Rational one.”

Rational Acoustics and Loud Technologies will work together closely in the immediate future to transition all online licensing, registration and sales processes for Smaart from EAW to Rational Acoustics, as well as transitioning sales and distribution networks worldwide.

Rational is currently developing the next generation of Smaart, dubbed “Smaart V.7”, which the company plans to launch December 15, 2009.

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