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Ringside Chooses New and Vintage Telefunken Models for New Album

Pictured from L-R at Harvest Sound Studios are Ringside drummer Norm Block with a rare vintage Telefunken Ela M 250E and singer/songwriter Scott Thomas with the newly manufactured Telefunken | USA Ela M 251E. Photo by David Goggin.

Ringside’s self-titled debut on Geffen Records yielded the hit single “Tired of Being Sorry,” and the track “Struggle,” a widely heard jingle for Pontiac. The band is currently in the studio working on their sophomore release using two Telefunken microphones: a 1950s vintage 250E two-pattern version, and a new Telefunken | USA Ela M 251E three-pattern (cardioid, figure-8 and omni-directional) model manufactured to original specs.

“There are no new microphones out there that compare with the ones from Telefunken | USA,” says lead singer Scott Thomas. “It’s perfect for my voice and I’m using it for my guitar, too. It’s my main mic in the studio now and I really don’t need much more.”

Ringside drummer Norm Block recently discovered a vintage Telefunken 250E on eBay, and has contracted Telefunken | USA to refurbish the mic and fabricate a vintage-style power supply and cabling. “We did a preliminary test and the old mic has a darker sound, which is very cool,” says Block. “It’s been kicked around for a few decades, so we’re looking forward to getting it properly powered up and experimenting with it.”

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