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Roland Systems Group Releases Update for Personal Mixing System

Roland Systems Group in Bellingham,, Wash., announces that it has released free software updates for all V-Mixers as well as the S-4000RCS used for stand-alone applications with other mixing consoles. These new updates feature a new function for M-48 Personal Mixers called “Engineer’s Monitor,” which lets the engineer have a local M-48 that can instantly become a “mirror” of any musician’s M-48 on the system, allowing a whole new level of interaction between musician and engineer.

Roland Systems Group M-48 Personal Mixer

The company explains that with this update, any M-48 in the system can be nominated as the “Engineer’s Monitor” and is placed with the engineer at FOH or monitor position. When the engineer chooses any of the other M-48s in the M-48 listing on the V-Mixer or in the S-4000RCS software, the settings for the selected musician’s M-48 are instantly transferred to the M-48 assigned to be the “Engineer’s Monitor.” This enables the engineer to hear and adjust the musician’s M-48 mix right from the engineer’s local M-48. The engineer can also choose “monitor only” to simply hear the musician’s mix but not make any adjustments.

In addition, the V-Mixer and the RCS software can see, in real-time, the settings of the analog control settings on the M-48, including Bass, Treble, Limiter, Aux-in and Ambient Mic. The engineer can quickly adjust their local mixer’s settings to match the settings on the musician’s M-48 for an exact duplicate mix. This function allows the FOH or monitor engineer to continue to add their value and expertise in assisting musicians using Personal Mixing without ever leaving the FOH or monitor position.

The updates have been posted to Roland Systems Group’s Website and are available for the complete Roland V-Mixer line as well as the S-4000RCS software that uses the S-MADI REAC to MADI Bridge or Digital Snake to control the Personal Mixing System when used with any other console.

The software updates can be downloaded at Select “Systems Updates” and choose the V-Mixer model or S-4000 to access the respective update.