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RTW Unveils TouchMonitor Series

RTW, a manufacturer and distributor of professional audio metering and control devices based in Germany, previewed its TouchMonitor Series at IBC 2010. These comprise the TM7, featuring a 7-inch touchscreen, and the TM9 with a 9-inch touchscreen. Both units are designed to offer flexibility and modularity with an intuitive user interface. RTW states that it will begin shipping a limited number of TouchMonitor units in December, with full production continuing in early 2011.

The 16:9 touch-sensitive screens offer a built-in online help function and allow for monitoring separate signal groups using multiple instruments at the same time. For example, a TouchMonitor featuring eight digital and eight analog inputs can display a digital 5.1 surround signal on the Surround Sound Analyzer, the Loudness Radar Meter by TC Electronic, AES status data, a PPM/loudness combo bar graph and a numerical loudness meter. At the same time, the unit could monitor four analog stereo signals on PPM/SPL bar graphs simultaneously. This way, up to 16 analog and/or digital signals can be displayed.

The TM7 and TM9 units feature a high-performance graphics engine and DSP power as the basis for highly flexible display options. Seven different hardware versions are available providing various combinations of analog (D-Sub) or digital audio interfaces. Digital ports are available in the AES3 (D-Sub) or AES3id (BNC) formats. All versions feature a LAN port, a VGA output for connecting external screens, GPIO interfaces, and two USB ports. In addition to the standard versions featuring desktop enclosures, external power supplies, and an integrated stand, RTW also offers OEM versions that can be integrated into mixing-console surfaces.

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