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Sennheiser Unveils SK 5212 Body-Pack and NET 1 Multi-Channel Wireless Network System

Sennheiser SK 5212 wireless microphone body-pack transmitter

Launching at NAB 2006 (booth 1822), Sennheiser’s SK 5212 ($3,600) is one of the smallest wireless microphone body-pack transmitters in its class. The SK 5212 comes in sturdy metal housing and offers infrared wireless synchronization with the company’s new NET 1 Network System multichannel wireless hub. The SK 5212 can also be used with all of Sennheiser’s 3000 and 5000 series components.

The SK 5212’s switching bandwidth of 36 MHz is freely selectable in the entire UHF range from 450 to 960 MHz, and the transmitter frequency can be set in 5kHz steps. A single AA battery ensures that the SK 5212 works reliably for six hours at its full 50-megawatt output power. The transmitter power can be reduced to 10mW in order to adapt to the transmission conditions of different regions. The SK 5212 also transmits its current battery status to the receiver. It filters out annoying wind or handling noise with its two-stage low-cut filter (60 and 120 Hz). With an input sensitivity that is adjustable in 1dB steps between -30 and +40dB, the SK 5212 can be individually adapted to bring out the best in various sound sources, volumes and applications. Sound engineers will also welcome its backlit display and menu-controlled operation.

Sennheiser NET 1 network system

Sennheiser will also introduce the NET 1 ($1,399) network system, which acts as a hub for up to ten Sennheiser wireless systems. The NET 1 intelligently coordinates and automatically configures frequencies for all connected components and portable units through wireless sync on the front panel.

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Sennheiser’s NET 1 network system offers stand-alone operation via a front panel interface or connection via Ethernet to a PC for comprehensive control of frequency coordination and all parameters vital to the operation of multichannel RF systems. The unit offers frequency scanning and automatic frequency coordination of all connected components, with wireless synchronization to transmitters and wireless monitor receivers from the front panel, and real-time monitoring of frequencies, RF level, AF level and battery telemetry. Software may be updated via the Internet.

The NET 1 is compatible with Sennheiser’s range of evolution wireless G2 300 and 500 series, 300 series wireless monitors, EM 3532-U receivers, and the new SKM 5200-UHF handheld and SK 5212 body-pack transmitters. The 19-inch rackmount unit features an integrated power supply and accommodates up to ten rackmountable receivers or wireless monitor transmitters. Rear panel connectivity includes ten RJ-11 inputs for G2 components, ten SUB-D inputs for EM 3532-U receivers and an Ethernet connection for computer control. Multiple NET 1 systems may be cascaded for large multi-channel applications.

The Sennheiser NET 1 network system will be available in June 2006.

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