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Sensaphonics Adds Audiologists to its Golden Circle Network

Sensaphonics has completed its spring Golden Circle seminar series, adding seven more audiologists to the company’s network of musician-certified practitioners

Sensaphonics Golden Circle seminar participants for April included (from L-R) audiologist Heather Bentley (Sensaphonics); Mariah Menichino (Johns Hopkins Medical Center, Baltimore); Suzanne Katko (Westside Audiology Services, Camillus N.Y.); Mary Sue Harrison (Today’s Hearing, Houston); Linda Pink (Sensaphonics, front) and instructors Michael Santucci and Thom Fiegle of Sensaphonics.

Sensaphonics has completed its spring Golden Circle seminar series, adding seven more audiologists to the company’s network of musician-certified practitioners. The two-day seminars, presented at Sensaphonics’ Chicago headquarters by president Michael Santucci and sound engineering consultant Thom Fiegle, are designed to train audiologists on how to meet the special needs of musicians and sound engineers.

“The music market is very different from mainstream audiology,” notes Santucci. “Customers are using in-ear monitoring as a professional tool, and aren’t necessarily concerned about hearing problems. It’s our job as audiologists to do more than just provide impressions for custom earphones. We must also take the role of hearing consultant for musicians, advising them and encouraging safe listening strategies that can prolong their careers by preventing long-term damage.”

Sensaphonics Golden Circle seminar graduates from the May seminar included (from L-R) Louis Kanvos (Windsor, Ontario), Edmond Ayvazyan (Hearing Source, Toronto, Ontario); Sensaphonics president Michael Santucci; David Cuthbertson (Acadia Hearing Center, Ellsworth, Maine); Amy Stewart (Washington Audiology Services, Seattle, Wash.); and Doug Kloss (Midwest Audiology Center, Milwaukee, Wisc.).

The Golden Circle seminars provide a unique opportunity for audiologists to gain insight into how concert audio works, the technical details behind in-ear monitoring, backstage etiquette and hands-on experience in working with a live band. Sensaphonics’ small-group approach ensures all attendees will have the opportunity to interact closely and ask questions. Participants also get a tour of the company’s custom earphone manufacturing laboratory and the Musicians’ Hearing Clinic.

Golden Circle member Mary Sue Harrison of Today’s Hearing in Katy, Texas (near Houston), attended the seminar as a refresher course. “Having already learned so much from Michael, I was surprised at how much new information was presented,” Harrison says. “There are so many more product options now, including new ways to take accurate measurements of in-ear sound levels. I was really glad I attended.”

New members of the Sensaphonics Golden Circle referral network include: Edmond Ayvazyan (Toronto, Ontario); David Cuthbertson (Ellsworth, Maine); Louis Kanavos (Windsor, Ontario); Suzanne Katko (Camillus, N.Y.); Doug Kloss (Milwaukee, Wis.); Mariah Menichino (Baltimore, Md.); and Amy Stewart of Seattle, Wash.).

To find a Sensaphonics audiologist in your area, visit or call toll-free at 877/848-1714 for a referral.