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Slate Digital Announces Public Beta Release of its Virtual Console Collection

Virtual Mixbuss plug-in

Slate Digital announces the release of the public beta for its Virtual Console Collection plug-ins, which offer the sounds of four top analog consoles for DAW workstations. The company states that it meticulously studied each console and its circuit path so that the resulting plug-ins could re-create subtle nuances.

Virtual Channel plug-in

The Virtual Console Collection comprises the Virtual Channel and Virtual Mixbuss plug-ins. Each plug-in allows the user to choose from one of four modeled consoles. Virtual Channel is applied on individual mixing channels, while Virtual Mixbuss is applied to the first insert of the master fader.

Slate Digital states that this initial version of the Virtual Console Collection is not the final-release version, and is considered a Public Beta. The company is offering the plug-ins via electronic sales delivery only, at a significant discount, and says that it will update the Virtual Console Collection to the final version “as soon as possible.”

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