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Smart Loops Launches SL Sample Sets

Smart Loops has launched SL Sample Sets for Mac- and Windows-based software samplers. SL Sample Sets provide musicians and producers with pro-quality drum sounds for their computer-based productions. Each SL Sample Set provides the user with a complete drum kit, including toms, hi-hats, crash cymbals, ride cymbal, china cymbals, splash cymbals, cymbal chokes, cymbal rolls and cymbal swells.

For the initial launch, Smart Loops has released three new SL Sample Sets—SL Acoustic Kit, SL Thunder Kit, and SL Trap Kit—for Cakewalk’s cross-platform Dimension Pro (DXi/VST) sampler, including multiple velocity layers and multi-sample mappings for Dimension Pro. These sample sets also can be used in SFZ Player and in any software sampler that can load WAV files.

SL Sample Sets for Dimension Pro and SFZ Player are now available as downloads from for an introductory price of $39 each, or $89 for all three. Support for additional samplers will be announced.

Users can also download free drum sample sets for Dimension Pro, Project5’s Velocity, GigaSampler, DR-008, SoundFont 2.0, and more than 100 free audio loops in ACID, REX2, Apple Loops formats from Smart Loops at