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Sonnox Introduces Sonnox ELITE Plug-In Collection

Sonnox has introduced Sonnox ELITE, a collection of the company’s entire product line (TDM version, $3,060; native version, $1,467). The new boxed set includes the full range of all seven Oxford plug-ins: EQ, Dynamics, Inflator, Transient Modulator, Reverb, Limiter and SuprEsser.

Offered at a 40-percent discount from individual unit prices, Sonnox ELITE packages processing tools designed for mixing, mastering, post-production and broadcast engineers.

In addition to Sonnox ELITE, the Sonnox Essential bundle is offered at a 30-percent discount from individual unit prices(TDM version, $2,408; native, $1,127) and combines the Oxford EQ, Dynamics, Reverb and SuprEsser plug-ins to provide definitive control of all mixing processes.

Sonnox Enhance (TDM version, $1,245; native version, $627) is a collection comprising Oxford Inflator, Limiter and Transient Modulator plug-ins for increasing loudness, presence and punch for enhancing virtually any mix.

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