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Spencer Nilsen Appointed President of Ex’pression College for Digital Arts

Ex’pression College for Digital Arts in Emeryville, Calif. announced the appointment of Spencer Nilsen as its president and creative director. Nilsen has been part of Ex’pression since the school was founded in 1999 and has more than 30 years of experience in the fields of music, games, film, television and education.

Nilsen will work with the senior management staff to maintain the college’s objectives in the areas of campus expansion, marketing, curricula design, development and delivery of courses, industry partnerships and his highest priority, student satisfaction.

“Spencer is an exceptional leader, and we are excited to have such a strong president to lead Ex’pression toward a new level of creative impact,” says Eckart Wintzen, chairman of the board of directors for Ex’pression College. “I’m proud of what we have accomplished in the last seven years and I’m tremendously optimistic about what Ex’pression will accomplish in the future under Spencer’s leadership.”

“There is a reason that I’ve been part of the Ex’pression family for so long,” says Nilsen. “Ex’pression is truly an exceptional educational institution with an imaginative and vibrant culture. It’s important to me personally that we continue to provide students with a unique opportunity to revel in creativity while they hone their craft. Everything about Ex’pression is intentional—our faculty motivates, our facility inspires and our curriculum challenges.”

Nilsen held several director-level positions at Ex’pression, including program director of Common Core and course director of Media Sound and Visual.

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