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× Launches Stardraw Design 7 announces the launch of Stardraw Design 7 software solution for systems integrators. The move follows the initial unveiling of the software at InfoComm in June 2011, which marked the debut of a public beta phase.

Sample project: Stardraw Rack Layout

Building on nearly two decades of market experience, and exploiting the latest in software technologies, Stardraw Design 7 offers audio and video system designers/installers unparalleled speed, ease of use and task-orientated functionality in a modular package that enables integrators to custom configure the software to suit their particular requirements and budget. Users also have access to the Stardraw’s library of manufacturers’ products.

Using an entirely new codebase, Stardraw Design 7 generates a project- and product-centric database that is accessible via task-oriented drawing environments such as Block Schematics and Rack Layouts as well as a new, grid-based Products overview and integrated Reporting interface. Each “view” is a representation of the central project database, and a change in one view ripples through to all of the others.

Stardraw Pictorial Schematic

A multi-tab interface means that all drawings are accessible at the same time, with each drawing on its own tab, while the Project Dashboard offers a master view of the whole project for quick and easy access to everything. The new Symbols Palette feature shows the products in a given project that are not being used in the current drawing to help users keep track of a project and remember everything when building racks or documenting system interconnections.

Other features include compatibility with the latest versions of AutoCAD (R12 – 2010) and Visio as well as a built-in PDF generator. There is also a new User Defined Product wizard that allows the creation of custom product records with all associated symbols and data.

A new, faster and easier drawing interface is packed with many requested features including grab/pan, wireframe dragging, arrowheads, improved image support, setting of multiple Cable Labels in a single click, and automatic Title Blocks.

Stardraw’s all-new system design/documentation tool is available for download from