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Tannoy Announces New Range of Reveal Monitors

Tannoy Reveal 501a

Tannoy announces the Reveal 501a ($249 MSRP) and 601a ($349 MSRP) active and 601p ($179 MSRP) passive studio monitors, which the company says will be available in May 2010. The 501a and 601a offer a small footprint in sturdy, compact enclosures. Designed with entry-level and compact recording setups in mind, the all-new Reveal monitors are said to deliver a wide bandwidth performance.

The new Tannoy Reveal monitors have been optimized for near-field operation and feature a front firing reflex bass port to negate boundary-coupling; a bass unit developed to minimize offsets and make the suspension components linear; a wideband tweeter design extending the amplitude response to 30 kHz to improve the phase response from within the audible band; a sculpted and rigid front baffle design to minimize diffraction; a +1.5/0/-1.5dB HF trim switch for custom room adjustment; balanced XLR and unbalanced jack connectors; and the 501a and 601a each have a rear-mounted volume control.

The 501a offers an integrated 60-watt amplifier that ensures maximum efficiency from the 5-inch LF/MF driver and 1-inch soft dome tweeter, promising a frequency response of 64–30k Hz.

The 601a has a 6.5-inch LF/MF driver and 1-inch soft dome tweeter that promise a frequency response of 60–30k Hz. This compact speaker with extended lower frequency response has a total power output of 90 W for home, project and pro studio set-ups alike.

Lastly, the 601p represents the latest evolution of the original passive Reveal high definition reference monitor and features a 6.5-inch LF/MF driver and 1-inch soft dome tweeter for a frequency response of 63-30k Hz.

For more information, visit Tannoy’s Website.