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Technomad Switches to Recycled Plastic for Loudspeaker Manufacturing Process

Technomad Associates LLC in Boston, a manufacturer of weatherproof loudspeakers and audio systems since 1995, has introduced recycled plastic into its loudspeaker manufacturing process as part of the company’s developing green initiative in an effort to reduce waste. The company will continue to manufacture all loudspeaker products at its Massachusetts facility, where each loudspeaker is bench-built and tested by small teams of craftsmen.

“We want to take advantage of the opportunity presented by our manufacturing process to reduce waste,” says Technomad VP Rodger von Kries. “This also benefits our customers by allowing us to minimize our manufacturing costs compared to using new plastic, a petroleum product that is subject to cost increases along with rising oil prices.”

Technomad states that the switch to recycled plastic reduces waste without altering the manufacturing process or lessening a product’s durability. The recycled plastic is processed, dyed black for color conformity, and used in the place of the new plastic formerly used for Technomad’s black loudspeaker cabinets.

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