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Telex Legacy Used in New NBC Drama ‘Friday Night Lights’

Telex Communications announces that the new NBC drama series Friday Night Lights, based on a fictional high school football team in Texas, has been using a fully functional Telex Legacy wireless football coaching system for its authentic football scenes involving the Dillon Panthers, coach Eric Taylor (portrayed by actor Kyle Chandler) and Taylor’s coaching staff. The Telex Legacy system was designed specifically for high school and small-college football programs, and launched earlier this year.

Despite its initial use as a prop, writer/director Peter Berg has used the live system to communicate instructions to the actors. The Panthers’ opposing teams also use various Telex professional headsets, the majority of which are used by 98 percent of all NCAA Division I college programs.

“While doing research into football coaching headsets, especially amongst the bigger high schools in Texas, Telex is the leading brand and product,” says Friday Night Lights assistant prop master Virle Reid. “To accurately portray that aspect of the game, we had to have the genuine system being used by respected programs across the country. The added bonus was that the Legacy product worked so well that it actually helped us improve our on-set communication!”

Friday Night Lights airs on NBC Monday nights at 10 p.m. (EST/PST) and Tuesday nights at 8/7 Central.

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