Telos Systems Debuts Multichannel IP Codec at NAB 2007


Telos Systems, the originators of MPEG codecs for broadcast, unveiled the Zephyr iPort MPEG Gateway, a new codec that can transport up to eight channels of bi-directional stereo audio between locations using Quality-of-Service (QoS) guaranteed IP networks.

Zephyr iPort is equipped with a Livewire interface. When used as part of an IP-Audio network, iPort transports eight channels of stereo audio plus control between two Livewire-equipped sites over an IP link. Zephyr iPort features two Ethernet ports: one to connect to the Livewire network, and another for connection to the WAN, maintaining full isolation between the two networks for security purposes. For stand-alone use outside a network, Zephyr iPort can be paired with an Axia Audio AES/EBU or Analog Audio Node for studio-quality audio I/O.

Zephyr iPort can also be used for any application where MPEG encoding and/or decoding are needed for transmission over IP channels, such as STL links, Internet streaming, satellite uplinks, broadcasting to cell phones, and other audio distribution systems. iPort’s efficient use of Livewire I/O combined with multiple codecs in a single 2U device are said to result in a low cost per channel compared to that of multiple single-channel codecs.

Because not every remote connection is the same, Zephyr iPort users have a comprehensive selection of connection protocols from which to choose. There are standard MPEG-2, MPEG-3, AAC and aacPlus choices, plus low-delay AAC-LD and high-efficiency low-delay AAC-LD+HE, both with special error resilience protection that conceals low levels of random packet loss. Zephyr iPort also includes AAC-HE+PS (High Efficiency + Perceptual Stereo), allowing stereo operation down to 32 Kbps.

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