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Vintage King Audio Launches Seven New Product Partnerships

Vintage King Audio, a leading dealer of high-end new and vintage recording equipment, is launching exclusive product partnerships with Acme, Barefoot Sound, Electrodyne, Inward Connections, Shadow Hills and Tonelux, as well as a product debut from Retro Instruments at the 127th AES Convention in New York City this week in booth #541.

“Vintage King is constantly in search of the most cutting edge, high-quality recording gear to add to our robust roster of products,” says Andrew Nehra, co-owner of Vintage King Audio. “We’ve developed relationships with some of the most up and coming designers in the industry, allowing us to introduce new gear like the Shadow Hills Dual Vandergraph and Barefoot Sound MM35 to the audio community.

“In the case of Inward Connections for instance, one of our exclusive product lines, we worked closely with Steve Firlotte in the past while he was developing new products. Vintage King had some of the first demo models available and provided Steve with feedback that ultimately shaped the gear’s final design. As engineers and musicians ourselves, we couldn’t ask for more.”

Debuting at Vintage King’s AES exhibition booth #541 are the Acme Opticon XLA-3 Compressor, Barefoot MicroMain35 Monitor, Electrodyne 501 Mic Pre and 511 Equalizer, Evol Audio Fucifier, Inward Connections OPT1A 500 Series, Retro Instruments 2A3 Equalizer, Shadow Hills Dual Vandergraph Stereo Compressor and Tonelux Tilt. Each product is available for demonstration.

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