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Zaxcom Introduces IFB100 Audio Transmitter

Zaxcom announces the IFB100 transmitter. Designed to integrate with the company’s TRX900 Series of wireless microphones, the IFB100 transmits a single RF carrier containing timecode, IFB audio and remote control signals, to any number of TRX900 wireless systems. The unit provides the patent-pending ability to record a group of channels and then play them back as a virtual multitrack recording. Additionally, the IFB100 can be used in conjunction with a bag-to-camera link to provide ongoing confidence monitoring with audio relayed directly to the sound mixer.

The IFB100 contains a 2-channel audio mixer that combines two separate channels of audio into a single digital transmission. The unit directly accepts SMPTE timecode and balanced audio at line level. Zaxcom’s IFB100 also contains a SMPTE timecode generator that can run at all common frame rates. The system can continuously jam external code or operate in Free Run mode independent of timecode.

The unit’s 125mW RF power output provides a range of up to 300 feet for transmission of IFB audio and up to 1,000 feet for remote control and timecode transmissions. The unit’s power consumption is 125mA at 12 VDC, and it can operate with a voltage between 8 and 18 VDC. Users can check the IFB100’s transmitter status and timecode with the integrated LCD panel.

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