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Acoustic Geometry Cracks the Code at Sound Vault Studios

Company's acoustic products round out the sound at Chicago's newest recording facility

CHICAGO, AUGUST 15, 2016 – When Sound Vault Studios in Chicago was constructed, Hawon Jung, partner and engineer, knew that he needed to improve the sound in both control rooms and all the live rooms. After hearing great feedback from his colleagues, Jung turned to John Calder, director of retail sales at Acoustic Geometry, to help balance the sound throughout the studio. 

Sound Vault Studios is a new facility that will focus on the music and film industries in Chicago. The studio is outfitted with a total of three booths, two live rooms, two control rooms and an edit/post room. The rooms were built without any parallel walls, which removed any standing waves and created a workable starting point for room acoustics.

“When creating an acoustically-balanced room, it is extremely important to have a good foundation,” says Jung. “Before treating the rooms, they were filled with reverb and slapback. Once I spoke with my colleagues for their input, Acoustic Geometry became my go-to solution. By strategically placing diffusors and absorbers throughout the rooms, we managed to create natural-sounding control rooms and live rooms with proper acoustical properties.”

Jung and his team strategically placed 26 Acoustic Geometry Medium Curve Diffusors and 33 two-inch-thick 2-foot-by-4-foot Fabric-Wrapped Absorber Panels on both the walls and ceilings throughout one control room, two live rooms and the edit/post room. “There are many other choices on the market, but we chose to go with Acoustic Geometry because of its high-quality, easy-to-install and uniquely designed Curve Diffusors. The Curve Diffusors function as a diffusor and bass trap/low-frequency absorber. This one-of-a-kind product helped my team achieve our goal of creating a great-sounding and aesthetically-pleasing room, without emphasizing or canceling any frequencies.” 

Acoustic Geometry’s Curve Diffusors feature a constant-radius cylindrical design offering time-coherent diffusion from low-mid to high frequencies, along with a unique built-in low-frequency absorber. Bass absorption comes from the MLV membrane on the back of the unit, coupled with a proprietary internal impedance system. This results in room-mode-controlling Acoustic Bass Management down to 45Hz, currently only found with Acoustic Geometry’s Curve Diffusors, which have been lab tested and field proven to provide phase-coherent broadband diffusion. The Fabric-Wrapped Absorbers are effective and affordable panels that are pleasing to the eye and have predictable performance. The two easy-to-install sizes may be mounted vertically or horizontally on walls, or as ceiling clouds.

“The Curve Diffusors helped my team create an exceptional-sounding room, without the hassles that typically come with installing acoustical products,” says Jung. “From its YouTube Channel and easy-to-read instructions, to the staff who is easily accessible and able to answer any questions you may have, Acoustic Geometry is an exceptional company. I look forward to using Acoustic Geometry products on projects that I will work on in the future.”

Mark Sobot, Jung’s partner, echoes his sentiments about Acoustic Geometry. “Acoustic Geometry helped Sound Vault Studios achieve an acoustically balanced room. Not only because of the company’s diffusors and absorber panels, but also because of their studio design knowledge.”

About Acoustic Geometry

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