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Acronova Technology Introduces Audio Batch ripping through iTunes and WMP

Acronova Introduces Audio Ripping Solution to Nimbie NB11

The 100-Disc Autoloader for Duplicating, HP LightScribe Labeling and Data Back Up has now

an Added Feature for Audio Ripping. 

North Brunswick, New Jersey – Acronova Technology, Inc., the leading provider of affordable auto-loading systems for CD/DVD/BD, introduces a new ripping feature to the Nimbie series. The new Nimbie NB11 is a PC-connected, 100-disc autoloader that is ideally designed for in-house duplication, LightScribe disc labeling, data back up, audio ripping and many other customized burning functions. The affordable, compact, user friendly Nimbie is targeted at home, office and studio users who are looking for a cost effective and functional solution. With a newly added audio ripping feature, Nimbie can cater to a more diverse

market than traditional duplicators.

The new Windows XP/Vista compatible ripping software, called QQripper, is developed by Broadex Systems, Inc. QQripper works with iTunes or Windows Media Player to enable automated disc loading for unattended music ripping. Simply choose the desired ripping engine to start converting music from CDs to digital audio files. These digital audio files are stored in the HDD to allow users to easily archive their music collection and either play music on the computer or import to iPod or any other MP3 player.  Installing QQripper is effortless. The program is straightforward and allows non stop ripping as long as there are discs in the autoloader. For a more complete digital audio archive, simply connect the computer to Internet and Windows Media Player or iTunes will search for track and album info automatically. Nimbie’s open FIFO loader permits a non stop disc refill so that users can add more discs any time during the ripping. To terminate the ripping process, users can wait until all the discs in the autoloader are ripped or remove the remaining discs to close QQripper. With the QQripper as an added feature, ripping, loading and unloading discs one by one becomes old fashion and silly. Anyone with an extensive music collection will find QQripper to be an ideal, economical and smart solution.  Nimbie NB11’s full functional features including LightScribe disc labeling, data back up, data reading and now audio ripping is incomparable to any other products on the market. With an MSRP of $595, functionality becomes affordable to everyone.