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Audio-Technica to Launch Enhanced Platform for Content Creators

Stow, OH Audio-Technica is officially launching the A-T Creator Community, an exclusive outreach designed to directly connect and engage fans and content creators with the brand.

The Creator Community is an evolution of traditional community outreach and sponsorship programs that allows for a personalized experience, two-way communication, and a way for A-T to reward/provide recognition to fans and creators who are true brand advocates or want to connect with Audio-Technica.

Fans and users of Audio-Technica that sign up for the Creator Community will be sent a gift pack, which includes fun Audio-Technica branded swag. In addition to the gift pack, users will receive exclusive access to product news, tips and tricks, discount codes, and opportunities to be featured as Audio-Technica’s Creator of the Month.

Creator Community users will have access to Audio-Technica’s Discord server, an exclusive channel where fans and content creators can communicate with other creators about projects, products, ask questions, and more. The channel will provide creators with product details, tips and tricks on how to use specific products, as well as news and updates, directly from the Audio-Technica team.

To learn more about the Creator Community, visit