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Equator Audio Announces New D8 Monitors

San Diego, California, April 2013… Equator Audio Research recognized globally as a leading manufacturer of highly accurate studio reference monitors for mission critical recording applications has announced the development of the new D8 direct field reference monitor. The D8, like its smaller sibling the D5, features a coaxial design with internal DSP.

D5 sales have been on an extended upward trajectory and continue to make their way into acclaimed hands for mission critical work. As the acceptance of the D5 as a standard in direct field monitoring has grown, so to have the requests for a speaker that has the same sound characteristics and mid-range accuracy as the D5 but plays louder and delivers more low frequencies.

The D8 is the perfect response to those requests.

The new D8 studio monitor is geared for the recording professional in need of an affordable, accurate, well-voiced, full range reference studio monitor solution with extensive mid-range clarity and accurate low end extension. It features an 8” woofer and center mounted 1” silk tweeter in an all wood cabinet with an appropriately tuned 2 ½” port. The smart digital amplifier boasts extremely low distortion specs and delivers 60w to the woofer and 40w to the tweeter. SPL is rated at +106 dB combined @ 1m. Frequency response is 40Hz–20 kHz.

To achieve extensive mid-range detail the D8 shares much of the acclaimed Equator Q Series technology. Like all Equator 2-way active monitoring systems, the D8 employs a Zero-Point Reference™ coaxial design with internal DSP handling numerous tasks, including matching the Digitally-Controlled Transducer’s™ output and the ability to apply pin-point accurate voicing.

The D8 is expected to ship in May of 2013.

About Equator Audio Research
Equator Audio Research is committed to delivering studio reference monitor solutions that overcome the myriad of challenges faced in today’s production environment. From our phase and time accurate coaxial designs to our matched transducer manufacturing to our sophisticated Q Series Room Analysis and compensation software; our products meticulously provide solutions to existing sonic obstacles. Equator products are used daily in mission-critical applications at many of the world’s finest recording studios. For additional information on all Equator Audio products, visit the company online at