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FaderPro To Release New Music Production Tutorials

Hot on the heels of The Art of the Remix, FaderPro will release multiple high-end training videos on DVD and web streaming formats. Free video clips on youtube.

FaderPro is about to take more music production topics by storm. Following the release of The Art of the Remix, featuring tips and tricks by renowned remixer and producer, Vincent DiPasquale, FaderPro is building off its success, and will soon be offering multiple new titles throughout 2010.

If you haven’t gotten your eyes and ears on The Art of the Remix yet, listen up, because the quality of production and content of this first FaderPro product has been praised across the board:

“The Art of Remix is the remix bible for all budding producers giving step by step instruction that enables your creativity to flow a must have studio tool” (BH VMM 10/10) – Virtual Music Magazine

And Jimmy Douglass (Timbaland, Justin Timberlake, Jay-Z, Missy Elliot, Rolling Stones) goes even further, “Vincent is a producer, a teacher and a master at his studio craft. Whether it’s a remix or additional production on a current project, I know I can turn to him for anything to get the job done. Vincent’s knowledge with Logic Pro is second to none, and he always continues to learn more and teach others around him how he has mastered this software.” –

FaderPro is the brainchild of two men, Vincent DiPasquale and Steven Lee (Lee-Cabrera), who describe themselves as, “just producers and a DJ who love what we do” and decided one day to bring cameras into their studio for the duration of a project in an effort to show budding producers, engineers and artists how it’s done.

Steven Lee mentions that, “Our lives are completely insane with me touring all over the globe and being in the studio, and Vince working on projects for some of the biggest A-list artists out there. All the participants in FaderPro projects feature the same amazing people we get to work with every day.” This is a real life, fast-paced business that is showing and teaching by giving more insight, and more access to great talent than any other out there. What is seen and said on FaderPro instructional projects is what it is, like it is, and how it’s done.

It’s rumored that the latest product will be announced any day, and will be available for pre-sales at a drastic discount. Moreover, FaderPro will be leaking short clips of their new projects on video sharing sites that anyone can view for free.

The Art of the Remix is now available for purchase (both in streaming format and DVD) on the FaderPro website. The course covers every aspect of remixing, including dissecting the original song, explaining the importance of tempo, time-stretching vocals, exploring the foundation of every remix the beat and bass, creating feature and accent keyboard parts, understanding song and vocal arrangement, mix buss processing, all the way through to the finished mix.

With even more topics arriving soon, if you want to make better music, FaderPro can be the ace up your sleeve.

About FaderPro:
FaderPro is an emerging leader in online video based training courses that teach the art of music production. gives users an “all access” pass into the studio of top industry professionals to learn how they achieve their success. Featuring the highest quality videos shot in full HD giving users the “sitting shotgun” point of view of working with the best.’s mission is to be the premier online training resource for aspiring musicians and producers offering the fastest, most efficient way to learn the art of modern music making.