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Focal Announces Newly Designed & Powerful ‘Sub12’ Subwoofer

Focal Sub12 features a newly designed 13-inch driver with a powerful 600-watt RMS power amp going lower and louder than ever before

Anaheim, CA — NAMM — June 3, 2022  — Today Focalhas announced an all-new, powerful “Sub12” subwoofer to add to its line with the Sub6 and Sub One subwoofer lineup. Focal Sub12 features a newly designed 13-inch woofer with a 600-watt power amp utilizing technology and features from their award-winning, flagship Trio11 powered monitors. The new Sub12 has a suggested retail price of $2599. USD and is set to be available at retailers in the US and Canada in Q3, 2022. In North America, Focal is distributed exclusively by Focal Naim America.

“Although our Sub6 and Sub One subwoofers are extremely popular and work in many studio systems, we now cover an even wider set of studio requirements including immersive recording and mastering setups with the new Sub12,” stated Vincent Moreuille, Head of Global Export Sales for Focal’s Professional Division. “With its exceptional efficiency and deep low-end impact, the Sub12 achieves a new level of low-frequency reproduction. And its variable control settings for low-pass, high-pass, and phase set a new precision-level for realizing the perfect studio sound.”

Focal Sub12
The new powerful 600-watt Focal “Sub12”

More Power and More Flexibility for More Studio Systems
The Sub12 features a completely new 13-inch woofer with even more articulation and definition due to its efficient design offering a very deep low-end impact and incredibly low distortion. The BASH amplifier provides 600-watts of RMS power with a 1000-watt peak. The cabinet design features optimized bracing and reinforcement and a front-facing port based on the company’s Trio11 monitors but adds internal and external flares to reduce mechanical noise and distortion. As a convenience, large handles are built-in on the sides of the cabinet to more easily move the 154-pound unit with two people. A complete host of bass management controls on the rear of the Sub12 allow an acoustician, room tuner, or studio owner to dial in the perfect low-end settings for any system setup: variable low-pass, high-pass, and phase. Rear controls also feature switches for polarity, +4dB or -10dB sensitivity, auto stand-by bypass, LFE input, and throughput. The Sub12 also features Focal’s single footswitch control input to truly bypass one or multiple daisy-chained Sub12 units.

The new Sub12 has a suggested retail price of $2599. USD and is set to be available at retailers in the US and Canada in Q3, 2022.

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About Focal Naim America
Born from the merger of Focal, a world leader in acoustic sound made in France, and Naim Audio, a world leader in British-made hi-fi electronics, VerVent Audio Group’s brand subsidiaries signal a new investment phase and direction for VerVent in the US and Canada. By creating its own distribution entity, the group is striving to turn the North American territory into the market leader for Focal and Naim. Focal Naim America also distributes SPL, IsoAcoustics, Vicoustic, Thorens (US only), Musical Fidelity, Solid Tech, and in Canada only: Clear Audio Electronic GmbH and BDI. For more information about Focal Naim America visit their website at or call (800)-663-9352.

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