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Google high-tech smart sunglasses: automatically takes a picture every 10 seconds

The rapid development of science and technology, I believe that the London Olympics and the combination of technology have been enough to let the world wonder, but life is always full of surprises, perhaps you did not expect, so also in the field of fashion technology overhangs.
2013 Spring New York Fashion Week is staged in full swing, many people will focus on fashion clothing, a colorful stamp as well as exquisite accessories on Note, however, spring and summer women’s show floor DVF2013 models who pull the most wind the accessories than Google Glasses high-tech sunglasses, which is Cheap Oakley Sunglasses first appeared on the stand has nothing to do with the technology.
Because the cooperation with Google, DVF2013 spring and summer women’s show rather than just a fashion conference also become the Google Glasses “T station released. Not to only wear Google Glasses the model became the show floor of the New York Fashion Week this season the most pull the wind “high-tech” girl, the DVF brand founder, the designer Diane on Furstenberg and brand currently creative director Misbelieve, with wearing it played curtain call. Day at the scene of the DVF staff also are wearing Wholesale Sunglasses, use it to help their work, Google and DVF also released a video clip in the September 13 joint.
This brought by Google glasses, every 10 seconds automatically take a photo, can voice control shooting video. If you just treat it as a mobile camera with model eyes, it misjudge it. It can not only take pictures, can be video, but also voice texting, phone calls, and glasses to view the Google map and driving directions.
In fact, this new product is released in June of this year, Google I / O Assembly with projection displays, a camera that can shoot video, touchpad frame; with a microphone and speakers, a variety of sensors , gyroscopes, there are a variety of communication modes. Google co-founder of the smart Cheap Oakley Sunglasses, On Why produce this high-tech creative, want to be able to be anywhere to capture wonderful moments under at any time to record a moving moment to see his glasses.
The DVF big show on the Google smart glasses also belong to the public beta real set of mobile phones, cameras, navigation systems, and one of the glasses until 2013 will be officially listed, the estimated price of $ 1 500.