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Product of the Week: Steinberg WaveLab Pro 10

WaveLab Pro is among the most fully featured audio editing and mastering applications on the market. With the recent release of version 10, it’s more powerful than ever. Steinberg simultaneously released WaveLab Elements 10, which is a less expensive version with a smaller feature set, but we’ll focus here on WaveLab Pro 10.

One of the most exciting additions is video playback support. You can now edit audio while locked to a video track, which opens up WaveLab for use in post-production workflows it wasn’t previously able to handle. Now you can have a video track within Audio Montage and view it in its own dedicated window, which can be undocked from the main GUI and moved to another part of the screen or to a separate monitor.

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If you turn on the Video Follows Edit Mode, you can drag an audio clip around in a track, and the video display will follow. The feature is frame-accurate and is perfect for placing sound effects and music cues.

Another headline addition is a dedicated Reference Track. Now you can A/B your Audio Montage against any audio file. Switching back and forth is seamless and latency-free.

Steinberg also redesigned the Audio Montage interface, including the window itself and its Inspector and Track List windows. The new Inline Editing option allows you to open audio clips from the main window and non-destructively edit them in either the Spectrum or Waveform editor.

The enhancements continue with Audio Montage support of Multitrack Recording. Also, you have the option to render live input streams through the master bus and plug-in chain, making it possible to print live inputs with effects.

Steinberg also improved WaveLab’s ability to handle effects in a couple of different ways. First, it beefed up its external effects support with new External FX Buses , which have dedicated windows that feature sliders for Latency, Send Gain and Return Gain. Third-party VST support was also improved. The added ability to open and use external editors inside of WaveLab makes the workflow a lot more seamless.

And that’s just a partial list of the new features. Steinberg also improved marker handling and added real-time rendering with audition, among other new tools and updates.

WaveLab 10 Pro marks a significant advance that makes an already excellent application even more comprehensive.