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The Grundorf G-Series LED screens.

Council Bluffs, IA – August 2011… Grundorf, a leading manufacturer of equipment for musicians and audio professionals, is pleased to announce the new G-Series Lycra façade LED screens. Designed for DJ’s, performing musicians, and others looking to visually upgrade their on-stage visual aesthetic, the new G-Series LED screens significantly enhance the visual experience for the audience by adding a classy, stylish ambiance to the room. Place one’s favorite LED lighting behind the panels and let the visual presentation begin.

The new G-Series LED screens are available in three models: two designed for table-top use, while the third model is a floor standing unit. The Grundorf GS-LS1652T LED screen measures 16 inches x 52 inches x 18 inches (height, width, depth) and is a perfect match for use with the company’s AT-5422 table. The GS-LS1658T LED screen measures 16 inches x 58 inches x 18 inches (height, width, depth) and is ideally suited for use with the company’s AT-6022 table. Both models make an excellent choice for DJ’s. With plenty of room to encompass one’s equipment setup, these LED screens add the visual appeal many club owners and audiences have come to expect while keeping cables and other unsightly aspects of one’s equipment setup out of sight.

The Grundorf GS-LS4863T LED screen is a floor standing unit that delivers everything required of a great façade. Ideal for DJ’s and musicians alike, this unit hides one’s equipment while concealing the LED lighting fixtures and enables one to present a clean, elegant appearance that doesn’t impact the sound. As a result, guitarists, for example, can hide their amps and signal processors while giving the performance venue an elegant visual appeal. For DJ’s who prefer to ‘spin’ LP’s or CD’s, these panels can hide the record crates while presenting a holographic look across the dance floor.

The Grundorf G-Series LED screens are manufactured with musicians and DJ’s in mind. Crafted from multi-layer plywood, the tough white Lycra material is installed between two wood panels. This design results in a screen that resists material sagging. The frames are covered with a durable black carpet finish that hides dirt and scratches while making the panels easy to grasp during transport.

Frank Grund, President of Grundorf Corporation, commented on the company’s new G-Series LED screens. “Our new G-Series LED screens are an elegant solution to the age-old problem of hiding unsightly cables and other items during one’s gig while presenting a contemporary lighting solution that enhances any performance venue,� says Grund. “Regardless of whether one chooses the table-top or the floor standing screen, it’s a snap to place LED lights behind the panels and illuminate the stage area. And since LED’s don’t emit any heat, there’s nothing for performers to be concerned about. We’ve had many DJ’s and club operators ask for a solution to on-stage visual clutter and these light panels are a very cost effective and visually appealing solution.�

The Grundorf G-Series LED screens are available now and carry the following MSRP’s:

GS-LS1652T: $139.95
GS-LS1658T: $159.95
GS-LS4863T: $449.95

AT-5422 table: $199.95
AT-6022 table: $209.95

About Grundorf Corporation
Founded in July of 1984, Grundorf, a division of Grundorf Corporation, manufactures and distributes cases, equipment racks, and accessories intended for professional musicians, DJ’s, churches, schools and audio-visual / industrial applications. The company’s products are sold through sound contractors, pro audio / music retailers, and distributors worldwide. For additional information, visit the company online at