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History of the development of polarized sunglasses

The light waves from the sun and artificial light bulbs, etc., are vibrated in various directions and spread. Regardless of whether the light is being propagated, reflection, divergence, or refraction, when the light rays toward the direction of one or more planar vibration, we say that the light polarization. The polarization process can be naturally occurring, and can also be artificial excitation. Each time you observe see the glare when the lake is a natural example of polarization. Glare reflected from the surface of the lake is not able to pass through the lake “filter” light, which is why even though the lake is very clear and not be able to see objects under the lake.
The polarization filters are generally made up in a transparent plastic or glass surfaces by a layer of chemical film plating. Generally, the compounds used in the molecules between are naturally arranged in parallel. When they are uniformly coated on the lens, these molecules form a tiny lens, able to absorb all direction and they are arranged in the same light.
Forcing you must wear Ray Ban Outlet sunglasses, the vast majority of glare from a horizontal surface, such as the surface of the water and highway. When the light reaches the one surface, the polarization of the reflected light will be the same as the direction and angle of the surface. Thus, a high level of a reflective surface, such as lake, can produce a large number of the horizontal polarized light. Therefore, sunglasses polarized lenses are fixed at an angle, so that the only vertically polarized light can through the lens. You can observe this principle by the following method: wear polarized sunglasses, and then observed a horizontal surface, such as a car’s hood. You will find that the glare from the surface will become bright as your line of sight angle adjustment.
Before buying, you can do a simple test to identify its authenticity. Find a reflective surface, and then took the sunglasses to observe the surface through a lens. Slowly rotate the sunglasses ninety degrees, the observed decrease or increase reflected glare. If the sunglasses are polarized sunglasses, you will see significantly reduce glare.
When you come indoors, leaving the UV irradiation, chemical inverse change will happen. Suddenly leave the irradiation of ultraviolet rays, these molecules will be quickly restored to the original structure, and thus lose this characteristic absorption of light. Whether it is a positive change or the inverse change the speed of the entire process occurs very quickly.
In the Corning Company 1960s the production of Photo Brown and Photogram series products, the lens is made of glass, the molecules evenly distributed throughout the lens. When this method is used in the prescription Cheap Oakley Sunglasses, it brings problems will become apparent, because the different parts of the prescription lens thickness may change slightly thicker some local color will be even darker. However, with the growing popularity of plastic lenses, it has developed a new method. The plastic lenses were immersed in a chemical bath, discoloration molecules will be absorbed into the plastic lens within the depth of about 150 microns. This new method to be significantly better than a simple coating process, in the coating process, the discoloration molecular a thickness of only 5 microns, so that it can not provide enough molecules to make the lens darkens. Currently, the Lenses manufacturing leader Transitions has been popularizing the plastic lenses adsorption process.