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Imaginando Debuts New Record Label with Lukkas’ Single “Textural Memories”

Braga, Portugal, April 25, 2024 –  Imaginando, celebrated for merging advanced audio technology with creative musical expression, proudly announces the launch of Imaginando Records. The label’s inaugural release, “Textural Memories” by Lucas Palmeira, known professionally as Lukkas, signifies a bold expansion of Imaginando’s influence from software innovation to the establishment of a musical catalog. This launch aims to engage and inspire producers and musicians who share Imaginando’s passion for innovation.


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Lucas Palmeira, a veteran in the electronic music industry and lead sound designer at Imaginando, is at the forefront of this initiative. The decision to release “Textural Memories” under Imaginando Records was spurred by the track’s popularity on Imaginando’s YouTube channel, where it was featured to showcase the VS – Visual Synthesizer preset pack of the same name. The decision to launch a record label in response to listener demand exemplifies Imaginando’s commitment to its users and its community focused approach.

​“Launching Imaginando Records perfectly aligns with our mission to empower artists globally,” stated Lucas Palmeira. “With this launch we aim to not only provide a platform for musical expression but also demonstrate the innovative capabilities of Imaginando’s tools, such as VS, DRC and FRMS.”


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Bridging Technology and Musical Artistry
​Lucas Palmeira’s musical journey began with childhood experiments on a Commodore Amiga, leading to a prolific career that seamlessly blends sound engineering with dynamic music production. At Imaginando, he has been instrumental in developing cutting-edge plugins, including the DRC, which have become staples in his music production. Among his various projects, Lucas plays a key role in Quadra as both the keyboardist and producer. His band is known for a vibrant blend of electronic music incorporating elements of breakbeat, house, techno, and more. This role allows him to directly apply his deep understanding of music technology, showcasing his versatility and understanding of diverse musical genres. Alongside Quadra, his solo endeavors as Lukkas and The Missing Link further illustrate his capacity to navigate and innovate across the musical spectrum.

​Describing his creative process, Lucas notes, “My music creation process starts from a place of absolute abstract ideas. Music comes to me like a dream, and what I need are tools that can quickly turn those dreams into reality.” He extensively uses Imaginando’s plugins to craft the distinctive sounds that define Quadra’s eclectic music style. “I use the DRC synthesizer for 95 percent of all the synthesizer sounds in my band, which shows how much I rely on it. It’s so easy for me to get the sound I want, really fast,” he explains. This efficiency is crucial given his extensive commitments to various projects and the dynamic demands of live performances.


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Lucas also emphasizes the importance of a streamlined workflow as he matures: “As I get older, I use fewer tools but I use them 100 percent. I aim to keep the process as clean as possible and to be effective when I do things.” His strategic use of Imaginando’s tools not only facilitates his creative process but also enhances the collective output of his projects, from studio recordings to live shows.

​”Textural Memories” is now available on all major streaming platforms, including BeatportSpotify, and Apple Music.

​For more information about VS, FRMS, DRC and other Imaginando products, please visit Imaginando’s website.

About Imaginando
​Since 2014, Imaginando has been mixing music and technology to create original products, centered on audio-visual experiences. We want to inspire artists to expand their own creativity with the innovative high-quality products that we build. We endeavor to make electronic music production accessible for as many people as possible, wherever they are and whatever they are using. Across phone, tablet, laptop and desktop, with Imaginando you can make music anywhere, with anything. Imaginando is a Portuguese company headquartered in Braga, an UNESCO Creative City in the field of Media Arts. For more information, please visit