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Imaginando Releases BAM 1.1.0: Expanding Creative Horizons with Audio Clips and Time Stretching Capabilities

Braga, Portugal April 16th, 2024 — Imaginando, the innovative Portuguese software manufacturer, announces the release of BAM 1.1.0, an update to its versatile music software, BAM (Beat Maker & Music Maker). Designed for macOS, Windows, and iOS, this update integrates new functionalities such as audio clip handling and advanced time stretching capabilities, enhancing the toolset available for music production. The update also introduces the ‘House Flavours’ expansion pack, which includes a variety of music and percussion loops, blending classic house vibes with tech-inspired beats.

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Enhanced Time Stretching and Audio Clip Features
​With the latest BAM 1.1.0 update, Imaginando introduces time stretching and audio clip integration allowing users to adjust the tempo of audio loops to match the tempo of their projects without altering the samples pitch. This maintains the audio integrity and ensures a harmonious blend within the composition. Moreover, the ability to import audio clips from personal libraries gives musicians the flexibility to integrate their unique samples into the BAM environment. Users can now easily edit, trigger, and manipulate their own sounds, expanding their creative toolkit.

​In addition to these improvements, BAM 1.1.0 has enhanced its MIDI synchronization capabilities, improving syncing with external MIDI clocks, both as lead and follow. This update responds to user demand for smoother integration with other digital audio workstations and hardware, enhancing BAM’s versatility in both studio and live settings. This suite of enhancements not only makes BAM a more versatile platform but also empowers users to personalize their music production experience further.

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Dive into Groovy Rhythms and Smooth Textures
​Unleash the groovy rhythms and smooth textures of the ‘House Flavours’ expansion pack, a curated collection designed to elevate your music projects. This expansion features a blend of classic house vibes and tech-inspired beats, perfect for creators looking to infuse their tracks with underground clubby deep bass lines and hypnotic electronic patterns. With 21 music loops, 165 audio loops, and approximately 100 one-shot sounds for percussive and timbral exploration, ‘House Flavours’ offers a rich palette for producing dynamic and engaging music compositions. Whether crafting tracks for intimate settings or main stage performances, this expansion pack provides the essential elements for a deep and immersive musical experience.

“The latest iteration of BAM not only continues our tradition of high-quality music production tools but also introduces new dynamic ways for artists to interact with sounds,” said Nuno Santos, Founder and CEO of Imaginando. “With the integration of audio clips and the ability to precisely control time stretching, users can now manipulate audio with unprecedented precision.”

Pricing and Special Launch Discount:
​To celebrate the release, Imaginando is offering a special 30 percent discount on BAM across all platforms for a limited time. You can get BAM for Windows & Mac now for only 99 EUR and 19.99 EUR on iOS. ​ Additionally, the “House Flavours” expansion pack is available for €9.99. For more information or to take advantage of this offer, visit Imaginando’s website.

About Imaginando
​Since 2014, Imaginando has been mixing music and technology to create original products, centered on audio-visual experiences. They aim to inspire artists to expand their own creativity with the innovative high-quality products that they build. They endeavor to make electronic music production accessible for as many people as possible, wherever they are and whatever they are using. Across phone, tablet, laptop and desktop, with Imaginando you can make music anywhere, with anything. Imaginando is a Portuguese company headquartered in Braga, an UNESCO Creative City in the field of Media Arts. For more information, please visit