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Joey Sturgis Tones introduces versatile software limiter: Finality


Advanced’ and ‘Lite’ versions available now at special introductory prices

CONNERSVILLE, Ind. – Joey Sturgis Tones, the audio production software company founded by renowned producer and educator, Joey Sturgis, has released the latest product in its line of signature audio plugins and tones, the powerful and versatile limiter, Finality. Available now in both ‘Advanced’ and ‘Lite’ versions, Finality can be purchased at special introductory pricing ($69 for ‘Advanced’ and $39 for ‘Lite’) via the JST website at:

Commented Sturgis: “I’ve needed a tool like Finality, that’s why I designed it. As I tested it more and more, I realized other people would need this too. So I decided to make it available to everyone as an audio plugin for all popular recording programs and operating systems. I’m very excited to share this limiter with the audio community because it was a blast to create and sounds great!”

Finality is a limiter designed from the ground up to be both powerful and versatile. Whether the source is very dynamic like drums and vocals, or more flat like distorted rhythm guitars and synth, Finality can be dialed to masterfully control peak and level dynamics in a mix. Features like hard and soft modes, color, look ahead and more make Finality an all-around solution for handling vocals, guitars, drums and mixing materials with ease. A video manual can be seen online at: for a full overview of all Finality’s unique features.

Stay tuned for more information on Finality and Joey Sturgis Tones.


About Joey Sturgis Tones: As an educator, speaker, and fixture in the emergent modern rock music pantheon, Joey Sturgis draws upon the reputation as a formidable music producer he earned through trial-and-error, problem solving, and meticulous attention to detail to broaden the scope of what’s possible for his fellow music lovers. Joey Sturgis Tones develops, simplifies, and ultimately makes available the tools necessary to execute the creative visions of musicians, producers and songwriters from any walk of life.

Sturgis proudly puts his stamp on audio plug-ins, pod farm presets, impulse response packs and other real world applicable products through Joey Sturgis Tones, closing the gap to make A-list recording processes more accessible. Joey Sturgis knows how to make music sound larger than life, digging deeply to highlight the most optimized comic book superhero version of what each musician has to offer. The fruits of his laborious process are evident in genre-defining albums, including the best work of Asking Alexandria, Of Mice & Men, We Came As Romans, Blessthefall, and The Devil Wears Prada. Working at the top of his game, Sturgis is in a unique position to figure out which tools and shortcuts will simplify the tech side and allow him to focus on the performance and music side, and the biggest satisfaction of his blossoming career is sharing those tools and that knowledge.

Joey Sturgis Tones online: