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— New sound libraries keep top Korg instruments up-to-date via free user downloads —

MELVILLE, NY, March 19, 2009 — Korg continues to support its instruments and customers after the sale with additional sound enhancements. Via free downloads from its website, Korg is providing new sound libraries for the M50 and M3 Music Workstations, the R3 Synthesizer/Vocoder and the Legacy Collection – Analog Edition (KLCAE07) of software synthesizers. Korg’s sound programming has always been well received and respected, and these new sounds will be of great benefit to existing owners.

First up is a collection of “Pro Vintage Keys� – available for both the M50 and the M3. This collection of 32 classic keyboard sounds includes in-demand reed and tine electric pianos, plus a selection of clavs. Programmed by Korg USA Senior Voicing Manager Jack Hotop, these sounds provide more expressive, natural sounding programs, with improved velocity switching (up to 8-way switching!). Constantly referring to classic recordings by top artists across many genres of music, special attention was paid to controller modeling for accurate Stereo Panning, Tremolo, Key Off, String Muting and Tone Control.

Likewise, vintage effect assignments such as Phase Shifter, Stereo Vintage Wah, Flanging, Stereo Tube PreAmp, Distortion, Ring Mod, Tape Echo, Reverb and more were designed to achieve the classic settings heard on the recordings that shaped the legacy of these timeless instruments. Pad assignments, Arpeggiators & Drum Track grooves are provided for every sound in the M50 Pro Vintage Keys collection. Pad assignments, KARMAâ„¢ settings and Drum Track grooves are provided for each sound in the M3 Pro Vintage Keys collection.

Next up is a collection of Korg’s microKORG, MS2000 and MS2000B sounds, converted for use in the R3 Synthesizer / Vocoder. The R3 is based on the Korg RADIAS MMT engine, and it is not compatible with the previous generation microKORG and MS2000 series instruments. Using conversion algorithms first created by user/forum guru Darren Richards, these original factory sounds have been fine-tuned by the sound designer who worked on the initial voicing of these three classic Korg synths for spot-on recreations.

Finally, Korg USA’s product team has created a new set of programs for the Korg Legacy Collection – Analog Edition (KLCAE07). They take the software recreations of the classic Polysix, Mono/Poly and MS-20 into uncharted territory with a modern sound collection.

All of these new sounds are available at on the support page for each product.