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Korg’s next-generation Wavedrum Dynamic Percussion Synthesizer is continuing to be the choice of leading drum and percussion professionals. Since its launch in late 2009, the Wavedrum has become an important part of the percussion setups for such musicians as Peter Erskine (Weather Report, Steely Dan), Peter Michael Escovedo (Santana, Lionel Richie; part of the Escovedo family legacy), Steve Smith (Vital Information, Journey), Will Calhoun (Living Colour), Chad Smith (Red Hot Chili Peppers, Chickenfoot), Danny Carey (Tool), and countless others.

Peter Erskine’s unique style has helped to define modern jazz drumming and has kept Peter one of the most in-demand jazz drummers, and his musical dexterity has also crossed over into the pop/rock world. The Wavedrum has recently scored with Erskine, appealing to his balance of the traditional and innovative. He states, “The Korg Wavedrum plays like an acoustic instrument, but provides a state-of-the-art sampler’s worth of sound. It’s the

perfect marriage of age-old drumming and modern technology.�

Peter Michael Escovedo has earned recognition as a producer, singer, songwriter and television personality. He’s contributed to countless world tours, recordings and television shows; has written music for film and theme songs for television; and composed, arranged and produced music for various artists. The Korg Wavedrum’s versatility and sounds are what appeal to Escovedo’s broad musical palette and extensive resume. He notes, “The rhythms and sounds that can be created are endless. There is nothing like the Wavedrum.�

Steve Smith is one of the most versatile drummers on the scene today, with solid roots in rock, jazz and fusion. After attending Berklee College of Music and exploring jazz with a series of bands, Smith teamed with jazz/fusion violinist Jean-Luc Ponty on the Enigmatic Ocean album. He later joined the band Journey and remained with them during what was one of their most successful periods. Commenting on the Wavedrum, Smith states, “When I was at the 2010 NAMM show in Anaheim, I saw the Wavedrum being demonstrated at the Korg booth, and I was blown away! I decided on the spot that I needed to start playing the Korg Wavedrum.� Smith also notes his unique drum configuration and Wavedrum playing style: “I have the Wavedrum on a drum stand to my left. When I want to play it, I pick it up and place it on top of my left snare drum and mainly play it with my hands.�

Fellow Berklee alumnus Will Calhoun burst into rock history when he joined forces with guitarist Vernon Reid and Living Colour. The band debuted with the 1988 smash Vivid, which rose to #6 on Billboard’s Top 200. MTV’s video rotation of the hit “Cult of Personality� and a 1989 appearance on Saturday Night Live placed them firmly in the spotlight. Calhoun has since maintained his reputation as one of the best drummers working today, recording several jazz albums as a bandleader and playing alongside B.B. King, Herb Alpert, Dr. John, Ronnie Wood, and countless others. He states, “The Wavedrum allows me to play exactly what I’m feeling at the moment. The Wavedrum also influences me to take a risk and match sounds and rhythms that I wouldn’t usually combine if I were sitting thinking about grooves.�

Korg’s Wavedrum is the first electronic product to employ a real drum head playing surface for an authentic feel, combined with 100 built-in drum, percussion and synthesizer sounds from around the world, offering an all-in-one instrument ideal for use by students, aspiring musicians and professionals alike, or in settings where space is at a premium. An MP3 player can also be connected for instant jam sessions or accompaniment. Wavedrum can be used by itself, or integrated into a drum kit or percussion rig. It can replace a room full of instruments, making it a welcome choice for crowded stages, theatre pits, home/project studios and classrooms. Hundreds of sound combinations can be stored, with 12 favorites instantly accessible.

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